Human factor is the Problem, but it could also be the Solution.

In Information Security, Professional Services are the necessary complement to whatever technology.

No technology could be successfully delivered without high quality services related to Assessment, Consulting, Deployment, Training and Support.

CybLab and its Partners could be on side of the Customer in any phase of its own Projects to ensure a smooth and precise path to the needed organizational and technological changes.

The level of specialization of CybLab’s and Partners’ Consultants guarantee an high quality of delivered Professional Services with quick touchable results.

The first step of every Project must be the Assessment of networks and systems of the Customer in order to know and to understand the specific features that distinguish each specific network layout.

It’s impossible to deploy whatever technology without knowing as best as possible what the current status is.



Experience about Information Security domain issues and Knowledge about possible solutions delivered through the deployment of our CybTAP technology render our Consulting practice especially precious.

In fact, after a thorough analysis of Assessment data, our Partners, with our support, are able to define a detailed plan of intervention, that could be tuned with the Customer for the best outcome.

This Professional Service is particularly critical because, in concert with the Customer, defines the path do the delivery and to the final success.

The Deployment of CybTAP could be as simple as installing a single All In One device or more complex as deploying a multi-level multi-appliance site: it depends on Customer organization site and on its own needs and requirements.

Furthermore, the governance and control part could be delegated to our Partner, to Customer internal Security department or to a mix of the two.

This part of the Service sees a strong interaction between the Partner and the Customer in order to define the management and the support modes of the platform.



CybTAP is a very user friendly technology, nevertheless it tackles complex issues and so different levels of Training are available in order to put the Customer personnel in the best possible condition to exploit all the capabilities and, at the same time, knowing better their own ICT environment.

In fact, it happens all the times that Training sessions become the occasion to deepen the knowledge about specific environment internal that most of the time are unknown or less considered.

So, the Training becomes very precious and above all if repeated in time, on Customer or Partners premises, in order to refine concept and operations after some practical use.

The Support service (included by default in any CybTAP project) is not relative only to maintenance issues about bug fixing and updating the platform, but, above all, is about the continuous updating of the platform “contents“, i.e. all the knowledge base that guides all the different engines of CybTAP through the collection, filtering, correlation and analysis processes.

In fact, CybTAP is a powerful “engine” with many “subsystems” that needs powerful and updated “fuel” to work at its best: the “contents” are the fuel.

With “contents” we mean Filters, Rules, Patterns, Reports, Widgets, i.e. all of what is “dynamic” and updatable in order to keep the engine running with the most recent information about threats detection.