Experience and Knowledge are a good Company.

Experience needs Time

“direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge”: it takes time to live the events that could bring a useful experience.

Computers, networks and human relationships with them changed a lot in the last decades, mostly in the last 30 years: what does it take to experience all these changes and related subtleties? Time.


Knowledge needs Experience

“the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience”: experience is needed to build up a solid knowledge.

Formation and specific training must be accompanied by “live” experience on systems and applications behaviors in order to be accustomed to what books could not teach: anomalies.

Experience + Knowledge: CybLab Board of Directors

People at CybLab combine decades of experience on ICT and Information Security domains, developed in various sectors, public and private, in different positions, as technicians and consultants.

This composition allows to appreciate issues from different points of view and to develop solutions that could embrace different levels of understanding of the problems.

We are particularly proud of our Board of Directors that allows us to be on the state of the art on strategic, business and technological relationships.

Jack Caravelli

Dr. Jack Caravelli served for 25 years in the US government. In 1996, Dr. Caravelli joined the White House National Security Council Staff where he was Director for Nonproliferation with responsibility for US nonproliferation policy in Russia and the Middle East.

Dr. Jack Caravelli’s extensive career in government service includes analytic, staff and managerial positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, the White House National Security Council staff where he was President Bill Clinton’s principal adviser on Russia and Middle East nonproliferation issues and the Department of Energy where Caravelli directed the department’s international threat reduction programs.  Since leaving government service, he has authored four books, including most recently “The Age of Hatred,” and speaks on various national security issues in  the US and abroad.  In 2015 he chaired an international cyber conference in Lugano, Switzerland and is chairing another international cyber conference at Oxford later in 2017.  He serves on an advisory board at the University of Oxford and is a Visiting Professor at the UK Defense Academy.  In 2016 he became chairman of NewGen Global, an international technology advisory company.

John Kozup

Dr. John Kozup is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Villanova University with research interests in the areas of brand building through innovative practice, cyber security, financial communication, private equity and venture capital, foreign direct investment.

Dr. John Kozup is Associate Professor of Marketing at Villanova University and winner of the AMA Thomas C. Kinnear Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Research Award. Dr. Kozup served as Founding Director of the Villanova University Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research from 2004 through 2014 and currently serves as Director of the Institute for Business, Government & Culture (Rome/Malta).  In addition to his role with Oxygen Ventures, Dr. Kozup is Director of Investar plc (Malta) a merchant banking and insurance group.  He also serves as a Director of Equinox AIFM S.A.: a Luxembourg based company founded in 2001, which operates in the market as a management company for investment firms active in the Private Equity sector.  As Director of Quadrilateral Advisory, Dr. Kozup contributes to a strategy consulting company focused on developing specialized knowledge, businesses and programs in the security arena.  He also serves as director of Bridge Technology Capital, a U.S./UAE cross-border venture capital investment group.  Since 2010, Dr. Kozup has served as the Associate Editor for the International Journal of Advertising.

Customer References


Our Customers base spans from small manufacturing shops to large Government organizations, where the technology on which CybTAP is based is appreciated since many years.

The most important aspects appreciated by our Customers are the quality of the technology, especially in relation to the cost, and the Services much tailored on any specific Customer need.


Work with Us

CybLab is based on Malta, but its talents are worldwide distributed.

So, we are constantly looking worldwide for talents and experts on coding and data management applied to information security, networks and systems.

If you have significant experience in C, Python, Javascript, networks, data mining, security, we are looking for you.

Please, send your CV to